Gavita EL3 Master Controller

Gavita EL3 Master Controller

Finally a plug and play controller with no fine tuning required. The Titan Controls New sensors are designed for use with the Gavita EL3 Controller.
This platform provides accurate environmental data and historical conditions that allow you to further enhance and optimize your grow room.
HGC702000: The Titan Controls Tali 3 in 1 VPD Sensor is designed to accurately measure the temperature, humidity, and air pressure of your growing environment.

Using these readings, it will accurately calculate the VPD (vapor pressure deficit) for the monitored area. An easy-to-read LED screen allows you to quickly see what’s going on in your environment.

HGC702601: The Titan Controls Triton Standard

Substrate Sensor is designed to accurately measure the EC (electrical conductivity), VWC (volumetric water content), and temperature of your growing medi.

Understanding these three metrics will allow you to optimize your irrigation strategy to realize your plants’ full potential. The compact design allows this sensor to be easily installed in most applications.