Bluelab® Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter


: $319.01

Introducing Pulse, a new innovation designed and made in NZ by Bluelab. Easily check moisture, conductivity (a measure of the nutrient salts present in the media) and temperature directly from the root zone or in nutrient a solution. Check, correct and achieve better yield and grow healthier plants across a wide range of growing media including soil, coco coir, potting mix and nutrient solution. Quickly check multiple plants and automatically sends and stores all your key plant statistics in the Pulse Mobile App available free to download from App Store and Google Play store to search “Bluelab Pulse” to download, work with iOS 12.1+ (iPhone only) and Android 5.1+ with Bluetooth 4.0+. Pulse App gives you the ability to export data to review each growing cycle. No requirement to connect to a computer. Battery included.


HGC716439 – Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter

Upc: 9421024920982 19421024920989
Quantity: 750
Volume (cf): 0.068 57.778
Dim Weight (in3/lb): 0.850 718.273
Weight (lb): 1.100 870.000
Length (in): 7.500 48.000
Width (in): 4.500 40.000
Height (in): 3.500 52.000