Cyco Vegetive

is a unique blend of materials specially formulated for all your fertilizing needs. The higher nitrogen to potassium ratio supports and promotes plant growth. A concentrated non-synthetic product, Cyco Vegetive also promotes more vigorous, sustained growth for all plants. Cyco Vegetive also encourages microbial activity leading to well-structured soils.

Cyco Flowering

is suitable for all flowering and fruiting plants as a specially blended fertilizer with boosted levels of soluble potash specifically added to aid flower and fruit development. The higher potassium to nitrogen ratio in Cyco Flowering supports the lead up to and flower development during the flowering period.

Cyco Seeweed Mix

is manufactured by combining manure, kelp & fish tankage. Excellent water holding capabilities. Use of the Cyco Seeweed product during the flowering stages to condition soil through water retention and supplement the plants with micro-elements.